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As a firm,we work diligently to continue to be not only current on advancements in animal medicine and services but also to further the progress of medicine in these animals with continued cutting-edge research and publications.Franklin Kenley Animal Consulting provides expert consultation to education, government, legal and commercial organizations on animal behavior, care and living standards. Franklin Kenley Animal Consulting offers expertise in animal husbandry with a unique combination of veterinary medicine, applied animal behavior, and experience in scientific evaluation of animal aggression.

OUR APPROACH: We have solid working knowledge and experience right across animal husbandry. That hard experience guides our approach. At Franklin Kenley Animal Consulting our efforts are hands on, with a bias towards practicality — and a special emphasis on implementation. While experience is important, we also bring fresh, creative thinking.

OUR MAJOR ACTIVITIES: Improving the production potential by way of breed up gradation in Cattle and Buffaloes through Artificial Insemination. Providing preventive and curative health care to Livestock through constant vigil on disease outbreaks, rendering preventive vaccinations, deworming and treatment of ailing animals. Augmenting fodder production to meet the nutritional requirements of Livestock. Providing relief measures to livestock during natural calamities. Building awareness among farmers on profitable Livestock production. Providing technical support to Livestock based poverty alleviation programmes.
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Our Vision

Due to land and water scarcity near many of the world’s population centres, farmers are struggling to cope.

There is an urgent demand for expertise in feed and animal husbandry.

With our on-the-ground experience and expertise in animal feed and husbandry we will provide innovation and improved efficiency to address current and future production challenges.

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Recent Success

Establishment of Semen Banks Introduction of Cross Breeding Programme Starting of Intensive Sheep Development Projects Introduction of Disease Diagnostic Kits Control of Rinderpest disease by Mass Vaccination Technological mission for Dairy Developme Modernization of Animal Vaccine production units. Up gradation of 500 RLUs to Veterinary Dispensaries.


Dr. Franklin Kenley is a highly experienced veterinarian currently providing veterinary expertise in animal husbandry.In 2011 Dr. Franklin Kenley became one of the first 8 ABVP board certified veterinarians in Reptile and Amphibian medicine in the world.His personal goal is to practice bird and exotic animal veterinary medicine on a level rarely seen. He believes in constantly "setting the bar" in the field, not just simply reaching it. Dr. Franklin's qualifications include:
1. Diplomate of the American College of Veterinary Behaviorists - one of only 55 veterinarians board-certified by the ACVB.
2. Original research in behavioral aspects of animal aggression/Behavioral patterns
3. Lectures extensively on the topic of animal aggression/Behavioral patterns,animal safety and public health
4. Expert consultation experience on wild life
5. Balanced, Collaborative research,evidence-based approach to animal husbandry

Our consulting services focus on our clients’ most critical issues and opportunities from strategy development to implementation.As specialist in animal husbandry,we can help you create sustained value by translating strategy to a frontline activity. We have established industry contacts allied with deep proprietary knowledge and hands-on consulting experience right across the global industry, to give you the kind of insight and advice you need in this highly-specialised marketplace. Our expertise in animal husbandry is unrivalled, and our approach combines flexibility with innovation.

Our key service areas include:
Operational Consulting
Commercial Consulting
Organisational and HR Consulting.

Many large international consulting firms steer clear of the complexity and commitment required to implement their recommendations. At Franklin Kenley Animal Consulting, however, we embrace opportunities to implement our recommendations. We will stay with you, from the boardroom review to shop floor or field operations. We will assist you, expertly and enthusiastically, to implement your expansion, divestment, export, or restructuring plans.

Deep Implementation Expertise;
Our implementation consultants are seasoned professionals who have worked in the field for years before joining Franklin Kenley Animal Consulting. Without exception, they all share one thing in common – deep sector experience gained from working in industry and hands-on involvement in large-scale complex investments or transformations in animal medicine and animal husbandry.

Our approach is to work on-site with clients to help them move beyond strategy development or recommendations to actual implementation. This results in measurable value creation across key metrics in human resources, process improvements, production/productivity yields,sales and marketing.

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